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CJG Creations


Your go to, for all your specialty, custom, promotional and personalized gifts in Cloquet and surrounding area.

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Welcome to CJG creations, a Personalized Gifts business owned and operated by Carol Gist in Northern Minnesota. I am a wife of 43 years, a mother and a Nana of 4 beautiful grand daughters with whom I  craft as often as I can. With a love for and years of practice in crafting and a knack for Sublimation, Vinyl work, as well as the use of paper and cardstock, I am dedicated to creating special gifts people will love and cherish. I have a passion for creating something that will last a lifetime.


The kids were having fun making a free corsage  or  boutonniere at CJG Creations flower table during the Spring Pine Tree Plaza Craft Show

Photos used with Parental Permission 

Check out some of our items at the "Shop on the Corner" 

in Cloquet, Mn 

Located at 612 Cloquet Ave

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok

Spring Thoughts: 

"That is one good thing about this world...

There are always sure

to be more SPRINGS. "

* L.H. Montgomery

"Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers. 

Plant your own garden and decorate your own SOUL."


* Luther Burbank

New Products
for the spring

Shown at the Pine Tree spring Craft show 24. 

New spinner styles, Lighted Camping buckets, Signs and Garden Flags. 

The buckets can be used inside or outside.  Adding lights emits a soft glow and reveals the pattern at night. 

Buckets can be customized with favorite sayings. 


Wind Spinners can be made with your favorite subject matter.  Patterns, photos and more. 


ONLY the Sublimated items allow for photo additions. 

This photo is from our display at the spring Craft Show at the                               Pine Tree Plaza in Cloquet. 

This show is organized by Pam Hubbard from the Shop On the Corner in Cloquet.  

New Offering at CJG Creations

Three levels are offered:

         All materials needed will be provided at each class. Take home Decorating Kits are provided at each class and vary according to that class subjects.  

Class 1 - Beginner the Basics 

Although we don't bake at these classes, you will learn some tricks to making the perfect cookie, creating the perfect canvas for your cookie art.  Icing prep including coloring and consistencies will be covered as well as the Wet on Wet technique and beginner piping.  You will leave the class with 6 completed cookies to enjoy. Cookies vary season to season but technique will be similar to those pictured to the right. 

Class 2 - Intermediate 

This class builds on Class 1 as well as adding techniques for creating segmented cookies. Royal Icing Transfers and templates will also be covered.  You will go home once again with 6 finished cookies to enjoy at home.  

Cookies vary season to season but technique will be similar to those pictured to the right. 

Class 3 - Advanced

Class 3 builds on classes 1 and 2 as well as adding more advanced piping and decorating skills, similar to those pictured to the right.  Transfers, using templates as well as learning how to add that special touch to your cookies, making them one of a kind. 

Cookies vary season to season but technique will be similar to those pictured to the right. 


At this time, all Classes are held at "Shop on the Corner" 612 Cloquet Ave, Cloquet.  

Next scheduled classes are:

Thursday May 2nd  5:30 - 7:30

Class 1 - Beginner, the Basics    Cost $40

Thursday May 9th  5:30 - 7:30

Class 2 - Intermediate                 Cost $40

Thursday May 23rd  5:30 - 7:30

Class 3 - Advanced                      Cost $50

You must pre-register for these classes by calling The Shop on the Corner

at 218-390-1887

Registration closes the morning of the class. (prior to Noon)

Classes are limited to 12 participants. 

My classes are limited to 12 participants.  They are low key and focus on learning and having fun.  No experience is needed, just a desire to learn something new.  This is not a "paint by number" kind of class.  I will guide you in technique but encourage you to explore and create using your imagination.  You can never ruin a decorated sugar cookie, they will always be sweet to eat. Come join us.  

Disclaimer:  I am not a professional Cookie Artist, I just have a love for creating cookies and want to share this with you in a calm and welcoming atmosphere. 

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